Assert the presence, absence, or count of elements in a document matching the CSS $selector, regardless of the contents of those elements.

The first argument, $selector, is the CSS selector used to match the elements in the $actual document. The second argument, $count, can be either boolean or numeric. When boolean, it asserts for presence of elements matching the selector (true) or absence of elements (false). When numeric, it asserts the count of elements. assertSelectCount("#binder", true, $xml); // any? assertSelectCount(".binder", 3, $xml); // exactly 3?


public function assertSelectCount(array $selector, [integer|boolean|array $count = '', [mixed $actual = '', [string $message = '', [boolean $isHtml = true]]]] )


$selector — array
$count — object

$actual — mixed
$message — string
$isHtml — boolean