Load an $actual document into a DOMDocument. This is called from the selector assertions.

If $actual is already a DOMDocument, it is returned with no changes. Otherwise, $actual is loaded into a new DOMDocument as either HTML or XML, depending on the value of $isHtml. If $isHtml is false and $xinclude is true, xinclude is performed on the loaded DOMDocument. Note: prior to PHPUnit 3.3.0, this method loaded a file and not a string as it currently does. To load a file into a DOMDocument, use loadFile() instead.


public function load(string|DOMDocument $actual, [boolean $isHtml = false, [string $filename = '', [boolean $xinclude = false, [boolean $strict = false]]]] )


$actual — object

$isHtml — boolean
$filename — string
$xinclude — boolean
$strict — boolean





Line Rule Message
134 - 193 CyclomaticComplexity The method load() has a Cyclomatic Complexity of 14. The configured cyclomatic complexity threshold is 10.
134 - 193 NPathComplexity The method load() has an NPath complexity of 1728. The configured NPath complexity threshold is 200.